An exclusive, limited edition footwear line designed by Natalie Mustang 

Handmade works of wearable art for stage and street

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Designing my own shoe line has been a longtime goal of mine, and I'm so happy to say that it's come to fruition.  I researched several different footwear manufacturers and found everything I was looking for with a very talented and forward-thinking shoe maker, located in Italy.  Every pair they make is crafted by hand and are absolute works of art.

I am incredibly hard on my shoes, especially on stage, and off-the-shelf footwear never lasts very long.  I decided to spare no expense when it came to my personal shoe line, selecting the highest quality materials made by expert shoemakers.  These are designer-level shoes.

In addition to seeking out quality construction and materials, I needed a manufacturer that would understand my vision - nothing I wear or create is anything less than...bananas.  I needed over-the-top, bold and obnoxiously bright choices in order to create a footwear line that best reflected myself and my style - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

I'm so incredibly happy with the way these shoe designs came out, and I can't wait to share them with you all and see you wearing them!


Natalie Mustang