About Natalie

 the drummer:

Natalie Mustang, born Natalie Courville, was handed her first pair of drumsticks at age 15 and never put them down.  Primarily self taught, Natalie got her drumming education through trial by fire - playing with different bands of different genres - learning multiple styles and techniques. 

  While metal and rock have always been her calling, she is well-versed in all sorts of other playing styles such as Rockabilly, Country, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Irish Folk, Motown, Blues, Top 40 and much more.

  Originally hailing from the Northeast US, Natalie kicked off her music career touring and recording with several bands from NY, CT, RI and MA.  In addition to playing countless stages across the country, she has been a cover model for multiple tattoo magazines and appeared in several movies and documentaries.

  After many gratifying years of playing in the New York music scene, she relocated to Tampa Bay, FL in 2015, and soon after, joined forces with the band #NoFilter, where she is enjoying one of the most fun chapters of her musical career.  


the designer:

   In the fall of 2019, Natalie realized a long-time dream of releasing her own unisex shoe line - Natalie Mustang Footwear.  While this is still a fairly new endeavor for her, she has big plans to expand the brand and branch out into apparel and accessories in 2020.  The response to her initial shoe design was beyond fantastic and she is very enthusiastic about upcoming designs and growing her business.  

   Natalie is no stranger to the fashion and apparel industry; she has owned and operated a vintage clothing and accessory e-commerce shop for over ten years.  Now named Mustang Mercantile, she showcases all of her items across several online selling platforms.  The business model is especially important to her - all of the vintage and preowned designer goods have been "rescued", refurbished, listed for purchase and then sent happy new owners - instead of ending up in a landfill.

   In keeping up with the eco-friendly tradition, all of the items in the current and future Natalie Mustang apparel line are made from ethically sourced materials, and shipped in 100% recycled packaging.


the dog mom:

   Natalie is a life-long superfan of all animals, and is the proud owner of one very comical French Bulldog named Porkchop.  Porkchop is a growing celebrity, with her own Instagram page and a new Porkchop Power merch line, where all proceeds will be donated to local animal shelters.  Natalie is a supporter of the ASPCA and strongly encourages everyone to donate and support to help homeless animals across the country. 



Photo by Cleo Kelly

Photo by JustinCredible Photography

Natalie Mustang Footwear